Real Estate Service Overview

Real Estate Services means any services relating to the occupation or use of a Property or the carrying out of either the Keysight Business or Agilents other businesses at a Property, including, without limitation, cleaning, garbage disposal, repair, maintenance, receptionist services, utilities, mail delivery, copying and facsimile services.

Buy Land from owners

Buying land is an often overlooked form of real estate investment that can produce good returns. Land is a fairly hands-off investment but generating returns is more involved than with rental property. This is because to buy land there’s more research, evaluation, and firm profit strategy needed.

Here are 4 stages to buying land and successfully profiting from it:

Step 1. Locate Land to Buy
Step 2. Evaluate the Land Purchase
Step 3. Finance Your Land Purchase
Step 4. Profit When You Buy Land

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Buy Home from owners

I am buying a property from builder; please tell me how to proceed. This query must be sounding very familiar to those buyers who bought the property from the builder. Typically, the buyers put a lot of emphasis on points after finalizing the property/project. What about pre-sales interaction with the builder or his sales team?.

Pre-Sales is also very crucial phase, and most of the buyers are unknowingly get trapped. In my post, Sample Flat – Trap from Builder i discussed one such significant factor of pre-sales. If you are buying a property from builder, then you have to be cautious at every stage. Mostly, you are buying a virtual asset at this point. In short, instead, of physical asset a lot depends on other factors like a sale pitch from builders end.